Are there any allergens in your products’ ingredients? We do not use any peanuts in our manufacturing, as we do our best to avoid the most common allergens. Our products are gluten-free, with the exception of our beer soaps. And we use shea butter in our herbal solid lotion, and anyone with a nut or latex allergy may have a heightened sensitivity to it. 

Several of our products contain soy ingredients or other allergens. Please read the ingredients list on each product description carefully to make sure that all the ingredients are safe for you to consume.  If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us by sending an email to info@herbanlifestyle.com

Are your products vegan? Herban Lifestyle’s products are mostly vegan, with the exception of our lip balms, moustache wax, moustache pomade, and lotion bars, which contain beeswax. We source our beeswax from family farms that humanely care for their bees, so our beeswax is cruelty-free.  We think that bees are an essential part of our ecosystem, and we want to support farmers who take good care of their bees!

Do you offer any classes or instructions on how to make your products? Yes! Please visit the Workshop section of our Shop to sign up for classes on making handmade bath and body products, and other green crafts. In addition, we sell Herban Crafts Kitslip balm kits and bath salt kits.  These kits include all the ingredients and instructions for making those items.  

Do you make donations? Herban Lifestyle does offer donations to some charities that fit with our giving mission that year. We give preference to organizations that support children, education, the arts, mental health, violence-prevention, and the environment.  While we would like to be able to support as many organizations as we can, we are limited in how much we can donate.  Please contact us for more information.

How do I connect with you about wholesale? If you are interested in buying from Herban Lifestyle wholesale, please use the wholesale application.  If you still have further questions, please contact us!

Is Herban Lifestyle a socially responsible business? Is Herban Lifestyle a Benefit Corporation? Herban Lifestyle is a socially responsible business.  We work with community organizations to provide job skills training, and we make it a part of our mission to give back to our local communities.  Herban Lifestyle is certified as a sustainable business by Green America.  Herban Lifestyle also operates under the principles of a Benefit Corporation although we are not eligible for Benefit Corporation status as an LLC in Virginia. 

Why does Herban Lifestyle use Palm Oil in products? We use Palm Oil that is sourced from programs that adhere to strict sustainability and environmental standards.  These programs are overseen by state and third party environmental programs.  We believe that by supporting responsible farming practices such as these, and sustainable agriculture in general, rather than simply boycotting ingredients like palm oil, we are doing our best to encourage suppliers that are doing right by people, animals and the environment. 

Is your soap made with lye? Lye, or sodium hydroxide, is a key ingredient in all real soap. It's the catalyst that converts oils into natural, gentle soap. However, once the soap begins to harden, sodium hydroxide levels reduce until they are no longer present. All soap that you purchase from us has been cured to insure that is no longer contains sodium hydroxide. The only "soap" made without lye is actually detergent (like many commercial brands of body bars you can get at the grocery store).

We love hearing from you! If you have any questions about our products or your purchase, please feel free to call us at 202.321.2479 or email us at info [at] herbanlifestyle [dot] com.

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