From our ingredients, which are certified organic, fair trade, and/or ethically wild crafted to the way we test our products (on friends and family, never on animals) to our recycled, recyclable, and/or biodegradable packaging, we’re green through and through. 

Green business operations: Being sustainable means that we consider every aspect of how we run our business and our impact on the environment. Examples include: 
  • Driving fuel-efficient vehicles 
  • Shipping via the US Postal Service, which holds “Cradle to Cradle” Certification at the Silver level for human and environmental health. 
  • 100% Wind Powered. We offset our carbon footprint with the purchase of Arcadia Power RECs, and are an EPA 100% Green Power User.
  • Using compact florescent bulbs, compostable packing peanuts, vegetable cellulose bags, and reusable cloth bags when shopping 
  • Reusing, recycling, and composting everything we can, from paper, ink cartridges, and packing peanuts to herbal waste and compostable trash bags! 
As a certified sustainable business member of Green America, we also pledge to practice ethical business and labor standards, which is easy since everything we sell is handcrafted in Fairfax, VA. We are also certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA

Giving back: Success is more than just dollars and cents. To us, it means having the opportunity to give back. We donate a portion of our profits to non-profit organizations that support the health of people, animals and the planet. We support volunteerism for our employees. In addition, we donate in-kind goods to local charities and educational organizations for their daily operations and fundraising efforts. 

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