We love hearing from our customers, especially when they have nice things to say about our products. So, we thought we would share a few with you!

"This is the BEST thing I've used on the tash. It controls the flyaways. It's easy to use and works great. Thank you. I'm in forever."
Troy H., London, KY

"Your shampoo bars make my hair amazing and i love the herbal scent....truly an addiction!"
Lynn K, Alameda, CA

"Your Mustache Pomade has transformed the everyday task of grooming my 'stache into an enjoyable, leisurely art form.  My old mustache wax was super inconsistent and synthetic, but your pomade feels natural and holds my 'stache in place better than anything I've used up to this point.  I think it is safe to say that thanks to your Mustache Pomade I am prepared and equipped to solve the thickest mysteries using only a magnifying glass and a pipe, ready to take on the world's toughest bare-knuckle-boxer, sail to safety through the deadliest hurricane, challenge the cunningest Musketeer to a dual, end any war with nothing but a gaze from my eye, and inspire an entire generation of American boys (also known as adults) to master the art of manliness once again.  Men, unite!  Adorn your 'stache with this pomade and you, too could be like me."
Joel S., Kansas City, MO

"We love the soap (my husband doesn’t want to use any other!)"
Dolores M., Washington, DC

"It smells like a chocolate truffle and works great! Another important factor is that this selelr got me these items before xmas!! No small feat since I ordered them 4 days before! AWESOME customer service!"
Beatrice E., Exeter, NH

"This soap is so great.. It left my skin soft and it worked well on my face too. I will definitely repurchase."
Julie B., Hampstead, NH


"I love this shampoo bar! My hair has never felt healthier!
Linda E., Monmouth Jct, NJ

"I almost ditched the idea of shampooing with a bar of soap until I tried this one. It was intended to be my boyfriend's replacement to his favorite Head and Shoulder but he let me try his new beer shampoo and so far, I have no buildup, soft and manageable hair (softer than usual actually) and I'm not even using a vinegar rince (just conditionner). I have shoulder length, straight hair btw. For those of you who want to give shampoo bar a last chance, try this one before returning to your usual shampoo!"
Josie R., Quebec, QC


"Thanks for your prompt attention, Mary.  The package surfaced at the local Post Office and I began using it over the weekend.  I am beyond pleased!!!!  You have a[nother] loyal customer here.  Thanks very much for providing natural shaving products for men."

Marc S., Hollywood, CA


"I purchased your shaving oil and aftershave at the Greenfest earlier this year.  I've been extremely happy with the results (as has my fiancé)!"

Daniel V., Falls Church, VA


“I bought [the shaving oil] as a Christmas gift for my brother who shaves with a straight razor and he said it was "the best he's used".

Rachel, MN 


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